About Us

About Us

Founded in 1991, Total Freight International (TFI) is one of the leading logistics solutions providers in Dubai, UAE. 

We started our journey as an international freight forwarder, specialising in land, sea, and air. Yet, in just a short period of time, we have rapidly grown into a digital-driven key player offering a host of services under one roof

Our state-of-the-art 3PL warehouse facilities, spanning 70,000 sq ft., are strategically located in Dubai Logistics City. This enables us to cater to the needs of our local and international clients within a single-bonded free zone environment. 

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 45001: 2018

Leveraging 30+ years of operational excellence combined with award-winning logistics solutions and an extensive global network, we are the reason why the world is getting smaller. As Dubai is the trade gateway of the world, our ISO-certified  third party logistics centres link manufacturers, distributors, traders, retailers, and e-tailers to their local customers. We also transcend boundaries by connecting them within the Middle Eastern, African, Eastern European, Asian subcontinent, and CIS markets.

At the heart of our service are our valued customers and community whom we maintain a strong relationship with. Our in-house team of experts handles your logistics and supply chain with utmost care and attention to detail. We make this possible by designing, implementing, and managing bespoke solutions while maintaining high industry standards. Thus, you can focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest.

As one of the most trusted logistics companies in Dubai with a strong commitment to service excellence, you can count on us to go the distance for you.


360-degree services

We understand that it takes more than just freight forwarding and warehousing to deliver a complete customer experience. Your trust and satisfaction are important to us, so we want to be with you every step of the journey. As a valuable business partner that aims for your success, we offer a single window to a world of logistics solutions.

Technology-enabled solutions

Integrating the most advanced technology in our service enables us to deliver fast and accurate solutions. We provide all the information you need at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. So, you can monitor the stock, keep track of inventory levels, and get real-time updates and milestones of your shipment. This eliminates guesswork and helps you save time, money, and resources.

First-class customised solutions

Every customer requires personalised logistics solutions tailored to their specific needs. Having partnered with various clients for over 30 years has enabled us to be flexible and versatile in delivering service. We make this possible by combining the best available asset-based and non-asset-based offerings in the transportation and logistics industry. Moreover, we recommend practical and cost-effective solutions for any given situation to eliminate bottlenecks.

Extensive global network

One of our key strengths is our close-knit network of agents in 115 countries. These companies are all privately-run firms. Hence, you can ensure that your cargo receives the personal attention it deserves throughout the supply chain.

This also allows us to provide you with local expertise while performing on a multinational level and maintaining the highest industry standards.


  • Door-To-Door service – Our network enables us to provide door-to-door services to even the most remote parts of the world

  • Local expertise – Our network of agents worldwide provides our clients with a hassle-free experience when transporting their cargo. Their local expertise ensures smooth clearance from carriers, customs authorities, and other entities involved.

Dedicated customer service

Our friendly and reliable customer service is your go-to team for quote requests and queries about your shipment. They promptly address, follow up, and take care of all your concerns.

With expertise in reducing your freight spend, they carry out the following:

  • Providing timely and competitive all-inclusive quotes taking into account the fuel cost, security surcharge, and door-to-door delivery
  • Communication between airlines and shipping lines
  • Providing timely updates to clients
  • Shipment tracking

A team that cares 24/7

We’re doers and natural problem-solvers. Since moving goods from point A to point B is a time-sensitive affair, our operations team is available 24/7 to get the job done and fulfil your order promptly.

Setting us apart from the competition is the way we do things differently. Amongst them is the absence of unnecessary layers in the process. Taking pride in our customer-first policy, we take care of your needs based on your unique requirements without delays and extra cost. This is the key advantage of doing business with us.


We aim to create a personal and meaningful experience for our partners by going the extra mile, surpassing expectations, and striving to set global industry standards through our international logistics services.


As a digital-focused company, we envision making the world smaller by bridging the gap between people, businesses, and communities through reliable and advanced logistics solutions.

Our Culture

People are the most valuable resource of our business. Taking pride in our employee-centric culture, we promote a professional environment for growth and excellence

People are the most valuable resource of our business. Taking pride in our employee-centric culture, we promote a professional environment for growth and excellence. Our leadership also fosters an avenue for team spirit, enabling us to carry out each task timely and efficiently. This empowers us to deliver a holistic customer experience built on trust and integrity. As a result, we are able to nurture clients, surpass their expectations, and build long-term relationships.

Our Values

Total Freight International is built on core guiding principles and philosophies, which serve as the backbone of what we do.


Honesty and trust are the core foundations of a solid business relationship. We have lived by these values since the establishment of our organisation, enabling us to promote uncompromising loyalty between our clients and us.


Innovation is the only way forward. As a digital-driven company, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest industry and technology trends to be the best in what we do.


Mutual respect is the bedrock of our solid workforce and clientele. It is also the core foundation of our long-standing relationship with the people we do business with.


We believe that teamwork makes the dream work. With collaborative effort and passion for excellent service, no distance is too far, and no task is too big when done together.


Our love for what we do brings out the best in us. We are passionate about consistently solving our customers' logistical problems and challenges wherever they are in the world.

Facilitate & simplify

Things are not as complicated as they seem in the supply chain and logistics world. Our job is to make our customers' lives easier. This is our promise.

Meet our People

Saajin Salim


Coming from a family of successful serial entrepreneurs, Saajin has an innate entrepreneurial instinct and forward-thinking approach towards leadership.

 Leveraging these strengths, he has steered TFI into the right direction by gaining presence in key industries in the MEASA region. His role has also been instrumental in the development and expansion of the company's 3PL segment.

Saajin holds a double major in Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship from Indiana University's Kelly School of Business. He also served as the president of the Supply Chain and Operations Management Association from 2010 to 2011.

Merwyn Fernandes

Director, Sales & Operations

As the former Regional Director of DHL, his expertise encompasses various fields, including but not limited to 3PL, IOR, e-commerce, warehouse management, P & L management, and RFI/RFQ response management.

He also holds DG, SIX SIGMA, and SAP certifications.

With solid leadership qualities, he immensely contributed to TFI's success through IOR segment introduction, warehouse expansion, client acquisition, and revenue generation.

Vinay Chandran

Sales Manager

Esmail Salim

Chairman and Founder

Salim's journey in logistics started in the UAE in 1976, when the country was in its initial stages of development.

Leveraging the years of experience and expertise he gained working for multinational companies, he established TFI in 1991.

Through his proactive leadership and dedication to world-class service, the company has achieved unprecedented growth, volume build-up, and global reach. From initially offering freight forwarding, it now provides comprehensive logistics solutions under one roof to companies worldwide.


Sheeja Salim

Chief Financial Officer

esmail salim

Message from the Founder & Chairman

My journey in logistics started in the UAE in 1976 when the country was about to celebrate its 5th birthday. Dubai was in its initial stages of development, and Mina Rashid was the main gateway seaport for goods in and out of the country. The container era was non-existent, and all shipments that arrived were breakbulk. The port’s warehouse and yard capacity were also limited to accommodate the huge influx of cargo volumes. Meanwhile, Dubai International Airport Cargo Division was just a few sheds with barely anything to call infrastructure.

However, the strong and pro-business approach of the rulers of Dubai has paved the way for the emirate’s evolution. From a barren desert, it is now one of the most sought-after logistics hubs connecting the East and the West.

The region’s decisive move towards economic diversification steered it away from oil and gas dependency. It also saw the vast business potential of the cargo logistics sector. This opportunity, along with my experience and confidence gained from working for multinational companies, has sent me strong vibes to build my own playing field. So, in 1991, I founded Total Freight International, which initially offered freight forwarding services.

Over the years, TFI has achieved an unprecedented global reach and volume build-up. It has also undergone changes in its business model, adapted to an ever-changing technological evolution, and gained higher customer demand. These driving factors paved the way for us to build our state-of-the-art logistics centre at Dubai World Central, the world’s first purpose-built aerotropolis. This strategic location facilitates cargo warehousing & distribution as well as several value-added services for various logistics & supply chain verticals.

At TFI, we are going the distance more strongly than ever! Guided by the belief that the ‘client is king’, we consistently offer personalised services to our partners with great honesty and integrity.