Reverse Logistics

Managing returns smoothly from start to finish

Returns are unavoidable in business, but they shouldn't be a headache. That's why partnering with a reliable logistics company in Dubai is essential to ensure it is managed smoothly from start to finish.

At Total Freight International (TFI), we understand how an excellent reverse logistics process can add value to your bottom line. So, we offer a range of sustainable solutions to efficiently handle returns, from same-day pick-up to quality checks, repackaging, disposal, recycling, and return to vendors. 

Our end-to-end reverse logistics service extends your supply chain’s visibility by facilitating a quick refund or product replacement. It also ensures that returned items are transported to their designated destinations. This enables you to regain your revenue while streamlining your processes. 

Service Features


Product consolidation and return to vendor 


Inspection and grading of returned items


Used assets recycling and recovery


Multiple forward stock locations around the world

Cost reduction through an efficient and environment-friendly consolidation process 
Streamlined and efficient repair, return, and replenishment process
Dedicated destruction facility certified by Dubai Municipality
Handles return of faulty goods directly to their repair centre 
We investigate the reasons for return to maintain the goods’ value
Quantity & quality check and inspection
Quick return processing ensures smooth refund or product replacement, which promotes a high level of satisfaction among your customers

We provide thorough returns analysis report