Sea Freight Rates: Understanding the Common Terminologies and Jargons

Do you need to move containerised freight? Most shippers would agree that waiting on forwarders to give a quote is the most frustrating part of this operation. However, the struggle usually doesn’t end there. After obtaining it, you’ll have to deal with the logistics acronyms and terminologies in your sea freight quotes.

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Sea Freight Rates: Understanding the Common Terminologies and Jargons

Ocean freight rates fluctuate from time to time. When they soar, the various fees and surcharges associated with shipping cargos can put a strain on shippers and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs). However, the right preparation and strategy can help you avoid many of these fees. Experienced freight forwarders, such as TFI, can help shippers navigate the complexities of sea shipping and reduce the additional costs associated with containerised freight.

As a top single-source logistics provider, we offer comprehensive operational support that includes drayage and warehouse storage. We are also backed by a strong global agent network. By optimising these services and capabilities, we help our customers minimise the number of fees and surcharges they incur.

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