Industry-leading expertise, GDP-compliant processes, and advanced technology are the backbones of successful healthcare logistics in Dubai and anywhere else in the world.

By integrating their core strengths, we are able to deliver services built on transparency, innovation, and compliance. So, you can rely on our team to efficiently meet your supply chain performance objectives.

At Total Freight International, we understand that no other industry could be more sensitive and challenging than healthcare. Whether it’s medicine, medical equipment, or any healthcare-related product, our end-to-end solutions ensure prompt delivery to any destination globally. Behind our operational excellence are our dedicated experts, temperature-controlled warehouse facilities, and extensive global network. All these and more contribute to the success of healthcare industry operators and a positive consumer experience. 


Delays can be fatal to health and business. So, we combine the strengths of our experience, processes, and technology to carry out time-sensitive operations with utmost efficiency. 

  • Same-day clearance and delivery
  • Priority freight booking and transport
  • 24/7 on-call team that handles emergency orders 

With secure, GDP-compliant, and reliable storage solutions, the integrity of your healthcare products is guaranteed.

  • Temperature-controlled facilities 
  • Inventory control and warehouse management system
  • ISO-certified and GDP-compliant facilities and processes for health, safety, and quality management 
  • Value-added services such as bundling, kitting, palletisation, serial scanning, and labelling, to name a few
  • Quality control for seamless receiving and dispatch of shipments
Global freight forwarding 

We are big on flexibility, so you can enjoy the benefits of our timely multimodal solutions backed by a solid worldwide network.

  • Extensive global network of freight forwarding agents enables reliable door-to-door service worldwide 
  • Industry-leading expertise in various modes of transport including land, air, sea, and multimodal transport  
  • Cross-border movement capabilities
Customs clearance

The vast knowledge and practical experience of our in-house customs brokerage experts eliminate the complexities of international logistics

  • An in-house team of certified customs brokers that ensures your shipment meets all the stringent local trade regulations and standards  
  • A dedicated e-clearance facility that streamlines the procedures through paperless communication
  • HS code checks and classifications to facilitate expedited shipping, cost reduction, and penalty prevention
  • Trade compliance and documentation that provides strategic advantage for optimising trade operations, minimising risk, and enhancing bottom line 

Targeted solutions that guarantee flexibility, convenience, and cost-efficiency 

  • International freight forwarding and courier express services powered by seamless connectivity, real-time visibility, shipment flexibility, and other integrated solutions
  • On-time, dependable domestic distribution backed by our transport fleet 
  • Final-mile delivery solutions featuring smart tracking, data analytics, and optimised route planning
  • Cross-border transportation powered by an established global network 

Webtool / API 

Technology-enabled solutions that let you manage your inventory while making smart decisions

  • Real-time stock visibility enabling you to view the inventory on hand and its location at any given moment
  • Accessibility to on-demand reports anytime, anywhere
  • Dashboard view to monitor KPI and make informed decisions for supply chain management
  • Track and trace for accurate monitoring of your shipment’s location and status
Air charter 

On-time delivery, product safety, and commitment to well-being are our top priority

  • Arranging suitable flight based on the cargo’s nature and size
  • Arranging landing, overflying, and parking permits to ensure on-time operation
  • Airport handling and customs clearance at origin and destination