The brick-and-mortar retail landscape has transitioned into e-Commerce on a global scale. This offers brands an avenue to tap into multi-channel strategies and reinvent their online selling capabilities.

However, this industry has its fair share of challenges that can make or break your supply chain. Therefore, it’s imperative to find an expert with a proven capability and long-standing reputation.

Building on our core strength and expertise in e-Commerce logistics, Total Freight International (TFI) offers you holistic solutions tailored to your needs. We provide stakeholders with hands-on support in adapting to the ever-changing nature of marketplaces. Our professional team guarantees real-time visibility, just-in-time delivery, and cost optimisation through the entire import-export process and customs management.

We understand that speed, accuracy, and efficiency are vital factors in the sector. So, we also integrate omnichannel fulfilment warehousing, secured transport options, order consolidation, vendor management, last-mile operations, and returns management into the process. We care about every aspect of your e-commerce logistics in Dubai, so you can depend on us every step of the way.


Solutions enabling your products and brand to make an outstanding impression 

  • Temperature-controlled, ambient, and open yard facilities 
  • Inventory control and warehouse management system
  • ISO-certified facilities and processes for health, safety, and quality management 
  • Value-added services such as bundling, kitting, palletisation, gift-wrapping, serial scanning, and labelling, to name a few
  • Quality control for seamless receiving and dispatch of shipments
Global freight forwarding

Operational excellence that makes us go the distance

  • Extensive global network of freight forwarding agents enables reliable door-to-door service worldwide
  • Industry-leading expertise in various modes of transport including land, air, sea, and multimodal transport
  • Cross-border movement capabilities
IoR / EoR

Increase your brand's exposure by exploring opportunities in new markets 

  • Global coverage enables you to expand your business to any destination worldwide 
  • Speeds up process of global market expansion 
  • Overhead cost reduction
Product regulatory compliance

Focus on what matters while our experts handle the rest with efficiency 

  • Product registration with the relevant authorities 
  • Import approval from the relevant government entities
  • Obtain product certification from authorised controlling bodies
Customs clearance

We solve the most complex trade challenges so you don’t have to 

  • An in-house team of certified customs brokers that ensures your shipment meets all the stringent local trade regulations and standards 
  • A dedicated e-clearance facility that streamlines the procedures through paperless communication
  • HS code checks and classifications to facilitate expedited shipping, cost reduction, and penalty prevention
  • Trade compliance and documentation that provides strategic advantage for optimising trade operations, minimising risk, and enhancing bottom line 

Sell your products, scale your business, satisfy your customers

  • International freight forwarding and courier express services powered by seamless connectivity, real-time visibility, shipment flexibility, and other integrated solutions
  • On-time, dependable domestic distribution backed by our transport fleet 
  • Final-mile delivery solutions featuring smart tracking, data analytics, and optimised route planning
  • Cross-border transportation powered by an established global network
Webtool / API 

All the data you need to make smart decisions at your fingertips 

  • Real-time stock visibility enabling you to view the inventory on hand and its location at any given moment
  • Accessibility to on-demand reports anytime, anywhere
  • Dashboard view to monitor KPI and make informed decisions for supply chain management
  • Track and trace for accurate monitoring of your shipment’s location and status