EDI Integration

Our mission is to keep your business moving forward no matter the challenges. With tailored and efficient EDI-integrated logistics services in place, we provide you with quick, secure, and accurate information.

Our system-to-system integration facilitates seamless encoding and decoding of data, enabling you to have real-time visibility of your products from their pickup to end-user delivery. This eliminates labour-intensive paperwork, reduces errors, and simplifies your supply chain management while enabling you to focus on forecasting and profitability. 

Our logistics EDI system keeps you informed with a complete range of reporting functions, which include: 

  • Accurate order fulfillment dates
  • 24/7 real-time visibility of inventory levels
  • Inbound & outbound shipment dates
  • The ability to download reports
  • The ability to set up automatic reports and receive them at scheduled intervals
Other Technologies