Customs dealings and compliance with the country’s rules and regulations are the core of logistics. With over three decades of hands-on experience in customs laws and procedures, Total Freight International (TFI) walks you through the process from start to finish. Our in-house team of customs brokerage experts are in constant touch with the local customs to ensure we are up to date with newly implemented laws. This enables us to prevent time-consuming and expensive delays while maintaining your cargo’s integrity. 

Why you need a customs broker

  • Has practical experience and expertise in local trade laws
  • Provides the importer with guidance and advice regarding the permissions and approvals required for inbound trade
  • Evaluates products that must be cleared and ensures their compliance with the necessary regulations
  • Registers entry of the goods with customs authorities
  • Reduces lead time through expedited and efficient clearance procedures, enabling the goods to be made available for sale quickly
  • Prevents the shipment’s demurrages or penalties
  • Safeguards you from any legal bearings that arise from non-compliance due to unawareness of customs laws 
  • Utilises an e-clearance facility, which streamlines the procedures through paperless communication
  • Issues a copy of the customs entry, including the receipts of duties paid for customs clearance
Service features


Strategic location in all major air terminals of the UAE


A strong global agent network that enables us to connect to all international airports


Extensive connection with a network of small vessel carriers and ship handlers to arrange mid-sea deliveries and recovery of sensitive cargo


Temperature-controlled shipment handling


Transport of ship spares, life-saving medicines, and human organs


Dangerous goods (DG) handling capability

Service features

Have peace of mind knowing that your time-sensitive cargo is going to arrive when and where you need it

Rest in the knowledge that we efficiently manage the custom clearance procedures for import and export on your behalf
Get real-time updates about the milestones of your shipment
Be assured that your urgent shipment is moved on the first available flight 
Take advantage of reduced transit time with our capability to match the right carrier with your distinct requirements

A team on standby 24/7 to answer your call and transport your time-critical shipment anywhere in the world

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