Sea freight is too slow yet affordable. Air freight is too costly yet swift. Why not combine their features to enjoy the sea’s economy and the air’s speed? 

At Total Freight International (TFI), we believe that you deserve to get the best of both worlds. Our sea-air freight solutions are designed to optimise your long-haul shipments for both cost and speed. With over three decades’ experience in the industry, we synchronise these two transport modes seamlessly to ensure efficient shipment planning and execution. This is how we live up to our promise to meet your cost and time requirements.  

Service features


Container collection from the port and handover to airlines in under 6 hours


Advanced shipment planning while the goods are being produced to ensure smooth dispatch and receipt


Multimode logistics integrates the fastest sea freight carrier operation featuring top stowage and immediate discharge option


Direct air freight carrier offers immediate acceptance and reduced cooling period to lessen transit time


Timely actions at all points from the origin, transit station, and destination to meet tight delivery deadlines


Fast track clearance process and swift handling at all transit stations to ensure immediate connection and reduced transit time

your benefit

Take advantage of sea freight connection priority, top stowage, quick discharge, and more

Enjoy synchronisation of sea freight arrivals with air uplift capacities so your shipment arrives on schedule at all times
Keep abreast of your shipment’s whereabouts using our proactive monitoring and tracking system
Support your business’ environmental advocacy and initiatives through carbon emission reduction