On-site Logistics

Time waits for no one. We understand that delays can be costly, so we give your cargo the urgency and priority it deserves

We’re always on the move in a world that never stops moving. As a FIATA member and an award-winning freight forwarding company in Dubai, we offer flexible, cost-effective, and bespoke solutions to meet your supply chain needs. Our industry-leading expertise enables us to combine simple and standardised services with a suite of freight transport options. This helps us attain the perfect balance of cost, capacity, lead time, and frequency. 

Service features


Strategic location in all major air terminals of the UAE


A strong global agent network that enables us to connect to all international airports


Extensive connection with a network of small vessel carriers and ship handlers to arrange mid-sea deliveries and recovery of sensitive cargo


Temperature-controlled shipment handling


Transport of ship spares, life-saving medicines, and human organs


Dangerous goods (DG) handling capability

your benefit

Have peace of mind knowing that your time-sensitive cargo is going to arrive when and where you need it

Rest in the knowledge that we efficiently manage the custom clearance procedures for import and export on your behalf
Get real-time updates about the milestones of your shipment
Be assured that your urgent shipment is moved on the first available flight 
Take advantage of reduced transit time with our capability to match the right carrier with your distinct requirements

A team on standby 24/7 to answer your call and transport your time-critical shipment anywhere in the world

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