E-commerce Logistics

Omnichannel solutions tailor-made to your unique demands and challenges

Statistical data from Statista shows there were 2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide in 2021 and e-retail sales reached $5.4 trillion by the end of 2022. These figures suggest that e-commerce is poised for further growth in the coming years.

Total Freight International (TFI) plays a key role in the inner workings of this. We offer omnichannel e-commerce logistics solutions tailor-made to your unique demands and challenges. Our service covers various aspects of your business, from easy system integration to order flow automation, picking & packing, time-bound fulfilment of orders, and last-mile deliveries both for domestic and cross-border destinations. 

With a proven track record in efficient order handling, we have helped our clients reduce their returns. This has resulted in a positive impact on their revenue and cost.

Service features


IT Integration

  • Website integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Amazon
  • ERP integration through standard API and EDI



  • Ambient and temperature-controlled storage
  • Bonded and non-bonded warehouses
  • Regional emergency stock locations

Collection & delivery

  • First-mile delivery
  • Same-day and next business day domestic delivery
  • Cross-border delivery
  • In-house customs clearance


  • Quick pick & pack and order fulfilment turnaround
  • Product quality check 
  • Return management 

Value-added services

  • Kitting
  • Bundling
  • Gift wrapping 
  • Strapping & palletisation 
  • Labelling 
  • Product inserts

Trade compliance

  • Import of Record (IoR)  / Export of Record (EoR)
  • Product registration
  • Product compliance


  • Marketplace fulfilment 
  • Marketplace listing and cataloguing 

Portal / Webtool access

  • Real-time order visibility
  • Tracking last-mile delivery milestones 
  • On-demand reports
  • Real-time stock visibility 
Your benefits

Quick and easy set-up, launch, and automation through IT integration

A smooth logistics process from start to finish with guaranteed delivery accuracy
Keep the return process’ cost to a minimum as we efficiently manage your supply chain
Enjoy our flexible delivery timing to suit your customers’ schedule (same-day and next business day delivery) 
Have peace of mind knowing that we offer quick preparation and delivery to optimise your lead time based on your unique requirements
Take advantage of our cross-border solutions to easily expand into markets

Pay attention to your sales while we manage the rest