On-site Logistics

Providing additional support to streamline your operations

At Total Freight International, we believe that the best opportunities are discovered through innovation and expertise. So, we combine the powerhouse of our experts, technology, and processes. By deploying them on-site at your logistics facility, we provide additional support to streamline the operations on your behalf.

Our team of specialists are experienced with different industrial verticals and available either on a call-off or long-term contractual basis. Throughout the years, we have been part of our clients’ success through the handling of their workload, from booking to shipping packages and coordinating international freight movement. We are also a trusted partner when it comes to efficient stock management, engineering, and 24/7 operation of your on-site logistics infrastructure. 

By working together, we can simplify your logistics processes, mitigate costs, and boost your performance.

Service features


An in-house team on-call 24/7 


Commitment to SLA to ensure full transparency and peace of mind


Coordinating international freight movements by liaising and partnering with our extensive network


Managing customs-related processes


Conducting a thorough analysis of your business and supply chain to design and implement tailored solutions that align with your goals  


Taking care of your inbound and outbound distribution through end-to-end integration