International trade is tricky and complicated, especially if you have just begun your journey. Every aspect requires good decision-making – which incoterms to use, where to store your goods, which mode of freight transport to use, which 3PL company to partner with, and the list goes on. Sounds daunting, isn’t it? However, with an expert customs broker’s help, everything becomes a breeze. It unlocks doors of opportunities in selling your products anywhere in the world. 

Customs clearance: A brief overview
Everything you need to know about a customs broker
Reasons to work with a customs broker
In a nutshell

Customs clearance is specifically one of the aspects of cross-border trade that causes a lot of confusion. We understand that this is a time-consuming and expensive affair. So, we will shed light on what it entails and why you might need the help of a customs broker in Dubai

Customs clearance: A brief overview

Customs clearance is the process by which goods are permitted to enter or exit a country. Trading overseas demands the submission of relevant documents and information associated with the goods in transit, packing list, certificate of origin, and commercial invoice. 

Everything you need to know about a customs broker

A customs broker‘s field of expertise entails laws, regulations, tariffs, and customs clearance processes for both imported and exported goods. Aside from being licensed to trade, they also help importers and exporters to smoothly clear goods through customs. The key role of a customs broker is to prepare the required documentation, including taxes, payment duties, and other fees to prevent shipment delays or entry refusal during the customs clearance process. 

Time and money are of the essence when it comes to international trade. So, delayed orders or confiscations in customs must be avoided at all costs.

Reasons to work with a customs broker 

No matter how knowledgeable you are about the trade, you still need someone to take care of the other parts of your business so you can focus on the core aspects. Therefore, investing with a customs broker is a smart move, especially when trading in the UAE. 

Here are the benefits of working with one. 

  • Simplifies and expedites the clearance process
    A professional customs broker eliminates your stress by simplifying a complex clearance process. So, you can relax while waiting for your goods to get cleared in customs without delay. 
  • Prevents fines, expensive delays, or unnecessary costs
    Dealing with a customs broker in Dubai helps you avoid extra fees due to errors with the documents, as well as overpayment of duty and VAT. 
  • Convenience in dealing with one point of contact
    Nothing beats the convenience of entrusting the work with one person rather than getting in touch with various individual agencies to figure out the documents that must be submitted for customs clearance in Dubai
  • Right classification of goods
    Every product classification comes with its own tariffs and duties, which makes cross-border trading even more complicated. With a skilled customs broker in the UAE by your side, you will be guided in accordance with the classifications set by the governing authorities. 
  • Keeps abreast of the latest regulation changes
    The MENA region has ever-changing tariffs, regulations, and rules. By partnering with a professional customs broker in Dubai, you will be able to get sound advice and accurate information on importing or exporting goods. That’s because they keep abreast of the latest guidance and advice relating to your product categories. 

In a nutshell 

If you have just started to navigate the importing or exporting landscape, you may not have sufficient knowledge or experience in preparing the right documents to successfully trade in other countries. Making mistakes, delays, and losing money due to fines are detrimental to your business. So, it makes sense to have a trusted and qualified customs broker working on your behalf.  

Total Freight International has a team of veteran customs brokers and logistics specialists who know the ins and outs of the MENA trading landscape. With over three decades in business, we have helped thousands of clients enter the market easily and successfully. 

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